Hope Harbor uses volunteers as much as possible to support the Family Outreach Worker and local service providers (required for more specialized needs). Family volunteers meet regularly with the Family Outreach Worker to receive training, provide feedback on their engagements, and participate in an open forum for discussion and brainstorming.

Currently there are 2 categories of volunteers: lead volunteer and task volunteer. The lead volunteer works with one partner/family to facilitate all Hope Harbor activities. The lead volunteer develops a strong one on one working relationship with a single partner/family.

A task volunteer supports Hope Harbor in one specific area (for example tutoring). Depending on the situation, the task volunteer might help multiple partners, a single partner, or with infrastructure.
The task might be on-going or a single event.

Some examples of "whatever it takes" that we have provided in-house are:

Current Needs:

In order to meet the individual needs of our Hope Harbor partners, the types and duration of volunteer positions will vary. Currently, we could use help with:
• guest speakers on a variety of topics

teach budgeting
event planners

teach employment skills
• help with college applications
• fundraising
• grant writers.

Please contact us if you are able to volunteer in the above areas or in another capacity. Thanks!

Please contact Sheila Drummond-Camm at 410-805-7232 or sheilacammhh2853@gmail.com if you wish to volunteer directly with our partners.  



• Negotiations with creditors to address overdue medical bills
• Tutoring
• Provide computers, enroll in low-cost internet access, and computer training
• Develop budgets
• Job searches, including for teenagers in the family to develop strong work habits
• Counseling regarding legal issues
• Find inexpensive summer enrichment camps
• Transportation assistance
• Piano training to support teacher certification and employment prospects
• Aid in ensuring student IEP (individual education plan) is being followed
• Relocation support for moving into a house

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