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Hope Harbor

"We are currently undergoing a time of transition. Information with our new direction should be available early 2023. Thanks for your interest."

Together we will thrive.

Hope Harbor is a faith-centered nonprofit, which pursues long-term partnerships with individuals and families, helping them achieve their goals, rise out of poverty and create a thriving community in West Baltimore.

Hope Harbor supports struggling Baltimore families and the communities in which they live. Hope Harbor features an individualized, holistic operation; instead of focusing on solving a single, specific, society-wide problem that creates or maintains poverty, Hope Harbor focuses on the people affected by poverty, and addresses their multiple, individual needs.

Hope Harbor's approach is to work intensively with a relatively small number of families over many years, as opposed to many families for a much shorter time frame.

Hope Harbor goal is transforming the life of the participants, leading to their economic, social, and spiritual well being.